We knew the Galaxy S5 would move, but if T-Mobile’s figures are any indication — it’s gonna fly. According to their “Sr. Product Guy and Tech Evangelist”, T-Mobile has 300,000 pre-registrations for the new Samsung flagship. That’s a lot of people wanting a Galaxy S5 about a week after launch.

Wanting doesn’t mean buying, though. Pre-registration isn’t an actual sale, but does show how many are interested. T-Mobile’s pre-registration page went up pretty much immediately after the Galaxy S5 launched, so they’ve been on this one from the jump. It’s a good move, too, capitalizing on the fever-pitch a new Samsung flagship can create.

The figures we’re interested in are sales. If T-Mobile can sell anywhere near that 300,000 in one week after launch, we’ll be impressed. For now, they’ve captured the info of 300,000 people, and we’re pretty sure most of them will see info pushed to them beyond the Samsung Galaxy S5. Smart move, T-Mobile.

We like the Galaxy S5 for a few reasons, but we’re not sure it really offers a compelling reason for upgrade. The fingerprint sensor on the home button is pretty cool, as is the heart rate monitor on the back — but is it enough to make you want to upgrade? We’ll see soon enough, as the Galaxy S5 is expected to drop in April.