If you’re the kind of person who likes to break your Android device down to build it back up in your own image, you know about ClockworkMod and ROM Manager. The fellows involved in this project have done massive workings on the insides of all manner of Android devices and they’ll be recorded in the history books of programming as some of the essential unofficial teammates of Google’s Android mobile OS. That said, as they are working for the greater good of all developers and hackers of mobile OS, we aught to offer them our help when something blows up in their face. Something has.

It’s not the biggest breaking of items in the world, and in fact very little, if anything has been lost, but it appears that ROM Manager’s recovery host was both clubbed down and put back up today. In the transition from this recovery host to a redundant backup, a few little items were lost. If you know of these items (these files, these code sets,) and have them yourself, have a chat with the official folks (@koush, @clockworkmod) and let them know you can help.

UPDATE: things are going great! Keep contributing!

[Via @clockworkmod]