T-Mobile kicks off the Spring season with a special promo for those people who only want fewer phone lines. Included in this deal is unlimited talk, text, and data plus free unlimited video and music streaming with. That free streaming means they won’t have to use up your current LTE data plan. That is, if low res quality is okay with you.

As one of the fastest 4G LTE networks in the US today, T-Mobile promises no extra cost or hidden charges to mobile and data plans. Starting today, April 8, the mobile carrier will allow customers to avail of two lines with 6GB each of LTE data. The combined 12GB data will cost only $80 but sharing is not allowed. Anyone can also get a new LG K7 or Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with no downpayment on any Equipment Installment Plan. These offers already include the Binge On and Music Freedom services.

As expected, T-Mobile USA’s John Legere is happy to announce the Spring Break promo, throwing shade at Verizon for the additional $20 on phone upgrade fees. Legere said:

“Families who want fewer lines deserve a better option and we’re giving them one! Don’t let Verizon trick you with their misleading ads. They lure you in with the promise of a ‘Large’ serving of data for $60, only to sneak in another $20 PER LINE in monthly access fees – to use the data you already own! At Verizon, $60 actually means $100 for 2 lines and 6 GB!”

Click on image to compare with Verizon plans

T-Mobile is offering the 6GB Un-carrier data sans the extra charges and fees. With Simple Choice plans, you can enjoy streaming services from over a hundred services and content providers like Netflix or YouTube. They won’t eat up your LTE data as long as you don’t enable HD viewing.

All these special promo offers are available for a limited time only in all T-Mobile retail shops, authorized dealers, T-Mobile Care, 1-800-T-Mobile, and online at t-mobile.com.

SOURCE: T-Mobile