T-Mobile is really upping the ante in the price and gadget wars with its competitors. A day after announcing that Simple Choice subscribers can upgrade their 500MB LTE data to 2GB, they’ve now expanded the Family Plan options by letting subscribers add a tablet to their plans. This means that one plan can now have up to ten lines, instead of the previously allotted five, as more families and businesses have need of more lines and gadgets as well.

A Simple Choice Family Plan previously consists of unlimited calls and texts and a shared 1GB of data. Now when you add a second line to that plan, you’ll be able to add the next lines for only $10 each. And if you think the shared data will not be enough (and of course it won’t be), you can just add $30 each for lines that would want unlimited 4G LTE data (but read the fine print first for their definition of what “unlimited is).

By September 3, subscribers also have the option to get an LTE tablet to their postpaid plan. They would just need to add $10 per month and just like the smartphone, the tablet will also get up to 5GB of LTE data. However, they did not specify up to when this deal will be offered, so if your family or small business is hankering for a new tablet, you better get avail of this probably limited offer.


Just a few days ago, T-Mobile offered a special deal for their Simple Plan subscribers to entice customers of their rival networks to switch to the uncarrier. While some of their current subscribers still have issues with their network, particularly for poor coverage in some areas and the unlimited not really being unlimited, T-Mobile has been pretty aggressive in showing the public that they are better than the three other major networks in the US.

VIA: SlashGear