If you’re bilingual or multi-lingual, chances are when you’re typing on your smartphone, you won’t be using just one language but probably switching back and forth between two or more. And if you’re using SwiftKey as your virtual keyboard, the good news is that they’re now adding multilingual support for those of you that would want to switch easily. The latest update also brings support for seven new languages plus three more for the neural networks.

SwiftKey research showed that more than 20% actually type in French, German, Spanish, and a combination of one of these partnered with another language. 38.1% have two languages enabled while 9.8% actually have three. So it’s only but natural that they start coming up with features that will cater to these multilingual users. With this latest update, you’ll know be able to switch seamlessly between Azerbaijani, English, French, Serbian, and Swedish. The update also now adds more languages to its database and this time, you’ll now have support for Sindhi Pakistan, Pashto, Scottish Gaelic, Uyghur, Chuvash, Chechen and Bashkir.

Last month, SwiftKey introduced the neural network technology, which uses AI to understand and predict more accurately what you will type next. It was only previously available in English, but the beta version added three more languages. Now these languages are officially being added to the full version of the app. You’ll also now have more intelligent predictions for French, German, and Spanish.

You can update the SwiftKey app from its Google Play page. We look forward to more languages to be added in the multilingual mode and also the neural network.

VIA: MS Power User