Here’s another update for SwiftKey. The SwiftKey 6.0 beta is now available for download from the Google Play Store complete with new features like double-word prediction, updated emoji panel, and a new settings menu. This beta version for Android is released only a few weeks after the SwiftKey Neural network keyboard was announced and adaptive layouts were added for nine more Indian languages. SwiftKey 6.0 is said to be the biggest update yet since the keyboard app was offered free last year.

If you always use emojis in your messages, you’d be glad to know that the emoji panel has been revamped. Your favorite emojis are now more accessible. The ‘123’ key has been moved to the left of the keyboard, longpress on that key and the new emoji panel will pop up for you to use. Switching between emojis is always easy by swiping left or right.

Double-Word Prediction is a new feature that takes advantage of the app’s mind-reading accuracy. SwiftKey is popular for being accurate that it can predict the user’s next two words. It’s designed to be as accurate, showing the words you are most likely to use. The idea is to present possible words SwiftKey thinks you’ll use so test input is faster. SwiftKey’s Double-Word Prediction features phrases that you regularly use or are similar to your style of writing. Since more languages have been added, anyone who uses SwiftKey is sure to find the word he wants to use.

The SwiftKey team overhauled the settings menu since the app was launched five years ago. Labels have been improved so you can easily find the settings that you need. Material Design is also very obvious on the new SwiftKey 6.0. You’ll notice the Carbon Light theme (dark text and light background) that looks cleaner and more sleek–more pleasing to the eyes.