The latest update for SwiftKey has arrived in the Play Store. And while SwiftKey seems to get updates on a fairly regular basis — this is one that will likely attract a bit more attention than usual. Simply put, SwiftKey is now available for free.

The folks at SwiftKey have dropped the price, but they are also not forgetting those who had been a paid user. Details from the SwiftKey blog mention how they wanted to thank the paid users and for that, they are offering a “Premier Pack” of themes. This pack includes 10 new themes, and will otherwise be selling for $4.99.

This brings the next major feature with this update — the SwiftKey Store. Users will be able to purchase keyboard customizations from the store. At present the store is said to have more than 30 new themes — some of which are free and some of which are paid (premium). There was also a promise of how the store will be regularly refreshed.

Keeping with the topic of themes and we come to the next change. SwiftKey has a new default theme. This one is called Nickel, and is based on the original Cobalt theme. Of course, you can easily change the theme should Nickel be something you don’t want to look at.

Otherwise, this update has emoji (more than 800 available) as well as emoji prediction, an optional number row, improved prediction engine, new languages and improved flow trails.

SwiftKey is available for download from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: SwiftKey