We still don’t have any solid information about the expected new Nexus devices that will be unveiled later this year. But what we have now is what are supposedly several wallpapers from the yet unannounced and unreleased smartphones from Google. If you’re into collecting these kinds of things, then you probably would want to download this full collection that may or may not actually be part of what the upcoming Nexus devices will be about.

But even if they’re not really the actual wallpapers when the new Nexus devices come out, the 13 designs that online news sites have been posting seem to be very gorgeous and so you’d still want to have them as options for your smartphones. The collection includes some top, aerial views of nature and animals, some macro views of what seem to be like cell organisms, and some abstract-looking lightning strikes (or what looks like lightning streaks at least).

Screenshot 2016-08-02 23.57.40

Google also seems to be working on several new live wallpapers for the Nexus devices. One of the consistent rumors is that they will have not just brand new animation but also build in some sort of functionality for these wallpapers, rather than just being decorative. But as to what these LWP (live wallpapers) will be able to do, that is the question.

The Nexus devices, codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, will reportedly be made by HTC and Huawei receptively. The 5X and 6P were announced late September last year, but they’re saying this year will be a little later. Let’s wait and see when that will be. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the supposed wallpapers.

VIA: Android Police