For those looking for an ultra-portable and extremely simple bluetooth speaker for their Android devices look no further than the SuperTooth Disco 2. We’ve reviewed some of their earlier bluetooth speakers and they are dead simple to use and sound great. SuperTooth is back this year for another round and this time they are offering multiple colors as you can see, in a neat and simple design that anyone can use.

With the Disco 2 we don’t have weird and large volume nobs and difficult navigation. Instead everything is neatly and easily accessed right from the top of the device. This makes the speaker dead simple to operate and extremely user intuitive. No more bright lights and LEDs and instead we have bright colors for any living room decor. Check out our quick hands-on video and even our previous full review over at SlashGear.

The SuperTooth Disco 2 will connect to any Android device over a Bluetooth connection and will make streaming audio with Google Music, Spotify, or anything else easy while keeping things sounding great. The Disco 2 offers AC power as well as a built-in rechargeable battery for those portable moments of audio bliss. We should be seeing the SuperTooth Disco 2 hit the shelves within the next month or so and will be offered for only $99 for those interested. We’ll be sure to snatch one up for review so stay tuned if music is your thing.