Watching 360-degree videos on YouTube or on your virtual reality head gear can be fun and dizzying at the same time. The idea may still be in its early stages but several brands are joining the trend by producing their own 360-degree videos that can be enjoyed in virtual reality. Even Facebook allowed 360 videos on your timeline following Google’s support and showing off new 360 degree video ads.

We’ve seen a few samples already including that Terminator Genisys 360-degree video by Specular Theory and the Star Wars trailer. Subaru, the Japanese car maker joined the fun by making a a 360-degree view from the Lake Superior Performance Rally. It’s a six minute video that can be viewed in different virtual reality (VR) headsets available in the market today.

Sample video can be viewed on YouTube but Subaru prefers you watch it on the Subaru Motorsports app. “Going around” within the 360-degree view, you can view the car you’re “driving” and even see thru the roof so you can watch how the drivers David Higgins and Craig Drew maneuver their way down the rough roads at the 2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally. The rally was part of the Rally America championship where Drew and Higgins became champions at the Upper Peninsula rally.

Video is said to be set in 1080p HD already but the video is still not clear. Watch the rally drive below and experience being a rally race driver for a few minutes and just behind your screen: