YouTube 360 degree video ads

Never underestimate Google when it comes to innovating products and services. And when it comes to its AdWords program, expect Google to work on it because along with YouTube and mobile search, the ad program is one of the company’s constant source of revenue as we noted in the latest Q2 financial results. Admit it or not, video is currently the most effective way to market a product.

YouTube makes it easy for any brand to start a marketing campaign because watching a video and sharing them is faster. The challenge is for companies to make something fun to make a video go viral in the Internet.

Google hopes to make video ads more immersive and interesting by launching 360 degree video ads on YouTube. This new features allows a new kind of interaction between the brand and the audience. If you’re an advertiser, you can take advantage of this by launching your own 360 degree videos. This way, the audience can explore different angles of your videos by simply moving their phone or dragging the mouse in different directions. Come to think of it, it’s like “virtual reality but not quite”.

This feature currently works on Chrome and the YouTube app for both Android and iOS. Google is still working on to release a special tool to make 360 videos and it should be out soon. When it’s ready, more companies can create their own interactive videos that will hopefully help them reach more consumers.

Top brands like Nike and Coca-Cola have already used the 360 degree video program. These videos can be viewed using the Cardboard and so far, campaign results for Coca-Cola are impressive, reaching a 36% increase in click-through rates.

To officially start this new ad program, Bud Light has released a new 360 degree video advertisement running in TrueView ads. Try to “explore” the video by moving the mouse left or right and see for yourself how immersive the experience is.

SOURCE: Inside AdWords