This is a game that, if you’re a fan of either of the following games or series, you’re going to love the heck out of: StarFox 64 and Rogue Squadron for Gamecube. I know there’s games very similar to those two, but those are massively iconic and without a doubt they flew through your humble narrator’s mind the entire time he was playing the game we’re talking about right here right now. This is Star Battalion and it’s available now exclusively for Xperia PLAY – let’s play it!

This game is a starfighter game, one where you use your craft flying near giant bases and ships and alternating enemies and allies in missions against the enemy that will instantly bring your Rebellion against the Empire into your mind. That said, it’s got a storyline all its own and the game itself has taken this genre to a whole new level. This game takes the controls of the Xperia PLAY and puts them to a great set of uses, all of the buttons activating one function or another in a fantastic display of blasts, missiles and yes, barrel rolls.

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You’ll have to lock on to your opponents as they fly in 360 degrees in all directions, you smashing into them with every weapon you’ve got in an attempt to blast them into oblivion so that you’re able to fly through the dust cloud into the next dogfight. Destroy ships and destroy bits of the environment by yourself and with your ally ships that fly at your side and alternately around you using their own bionic brains.

This game is set to make you enjoy your Xperia PLAY from the moment you own it until the moment you cry because they’ve released some second edition of the handset – it’s a classic from start to finish. Play the heck out of it and use it to train your fingers for use of the controls in every other game you play on the platform. It’s diverse and you’re going to have a rock and roll party of a good time.

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Like the rest of the optimized for Xperia PLAY games, you’ll have to head to the V-Cast store through your Xperia PLAY app in order to purchase it. It’s simple and you’ll do it over and over again, I guarantee. Don’t know how to do this? Check out our Android Community 101: Where do I find Xperia PLAY games? post for all the directions you’ll be needing.

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