So you’ve purchased your first Xperia PLAY, your first ever gamer phone, a PlayStation phone like you’ve never seen before. It’s fabulous, the games are great, and you’re having the time of your life. But wait, is this it? Aren’t there any more apps to be downloaded? All I see are regular games in the Android Market, aren’t there any more games that are optimized for this PlayStation controller? I can’t believe I can’t just click around and figure it out – Ah ha! I’ll go to Android Community, they’ll know!

That’s right we DO know how to do it, and this is how we do it: downloading Xperia PLAY games can be easy, so easy that even the most daft of newbs. The place for you to get your optimized apps isn’t the Android Market at all, I say thee nay! But you don’t have to go somewhere strange and download a bunch of oddities, also nay! All you’ve got to do is locate the “Xperia PLAY” app in your apps drawer and click.

Next, you’ll see all of the Xperia PLAY optimized games you’ve got available to you above two tabs: Xperia PLAY Games and MORE games. When you tap More Games, you might have a heart attack because there’s a whole crapload of games in there, all of them available for you to tap! But you can’t play them unless you buy them. Here’s where it gets complicated.

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Once you’ve clicked a game that you’d like to purchase, you’ve only to realize that you’re in V-Cast Apps, the store Verizon has provided you to be able to purchase apps at your leisure, using money you’ll be owing later on your Verizon bill. In other words, whenever you purchase an app here, in a terrifyingly easy way indeed, you’ll be utilizing your Verizon account like a credit card, having to pay back the cash upon glancing at your next gigantic or otherwise teeny tiny bill.

This bodes well for us as we’ve got a reviewer’s unit here and essentially this give us instant access to every app instantly! Hooray! This is good for you, too, because now we’ll have quicker access than ever to apps for review, this situation unfolding as we speak as an extended Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Games Review series. [Get into it!]