The LG G Flex began its trek to Android 4.4 two weeks ago with the rollout from AT&T. Now another batch of curved smartphones are getting their KitKat updates, this time courtesy of Sprint.

Sprint has just announced the availability of Android 4.4 KitKat for the LG G Flex devices under its care. Details aren’t that much but mostly because almost everyone watching the Android world will be familiar with those by now. Common to all devices, brands, and carriers are changes that speak to the very core of Android. These include performance boosts, cloud printing, a battery-saving location mode, and more energy-efficient music playback.

LG has also used this update as the vehicle to bring one of its hottest new feature to both the the G Flex and the G2. The company has, finally and hopefully, settled on Knock Code after a couple of iterations of the gesture-based unlocking feature. What makes this latest incarnation different and better than the rest is that it accepts a pattern of four to eight taps, in whatever size or area of the screen, instead of a simplistic double tapping gesture. This user experience (UX) feature is becoming a signature feature of not only LG’s premium devices but even its budget L Series line.

Sprint hasn’t mentioned how big the update will be, but expect it to be big. The update will bump up the software version to LS995ZV6. The carrier’s support page notes that the update will be rolling out in waves starting April 28 to May 7, so don’t panic if you still haven’t gotten yours. Alternatively, you can manually check for the update via the smartphone’s Settings menu.

SOURCE: Sprint