Delivering as promised, AT&T has released the Android 4.4 firmware update to owners of LG’s curved G Flex smartphone under its care. Included in the announcement are some of the changes users should expect in this update, though most of them we have mostly heard of before.

AT&T details the most visible changes brought about by upgrading to Android 4.4, particularly the restyled navigation and status bars and the addition of fullscreen immersive mode. Of course, under the hood, we have the promise of smoother processes and smarter battery use. Android 4.4 introduced battery-saving location modes, or rather rearranged the options to make those choices clearer to users. And, of course, cloud printing also arrives, with initial compatibility with Google’s own Cloud Printer service.

The changelog does confirm our guess that LG‘s fancy Knock Code user experience (UX) feature will be arriving by way of this major firmware update. Most will probably be familiar with the feature by know, but for those still unaware, Knock Code is LG’s expansion of the “double tap to wake and unlock” gesture it put on the LG G2 last year. But instead of a rather simplistic “knocking” action, Knock Code has support for up to 8 taps in different combinations and positions on the screen, adding both personalization and security to the feature.

The carrier has not specified how large the update will be but as is the case with such major update, it will be quite big. Battery charge and WiFi connection should be double checked. And in case the update notification hasn’t arrived yet, users can always manually check and trigger the update via the device’s Settings menu.