Spotify is a personal favorite next to YouTube because it’s so easy to search for songs, artists, or genres. Whether free or premium, one can enjoy music streaming to serve as background for any activity. If you’re intro running or walking for health and fitness reasons, you can now take advantage of both Spotify and Runkeeper together. The apps have been integrated so you can listen to music while tracking your running progress.

Spotify playlists can be matched to your Runkeeper records so you’ll be more inspired to go serious with running. You see, geeks like you and me need all the help to finally get fit. With Spotify and Runkeeper together, going an extra mile won’t be a problem.

While on the Runkeeper app, choose Spotify as the default source of music. Doing this will enable the Spotify Running experience. When you’re about to go out to run, open Spotify, browse, and choose Running category. A running playlist will serve as you background music when you hit the road or even just the treadmill.

Runkeeper will track your progress while Spotify will play your favorite songs. It can even detect your tempo and play music that will match your every step. This in-app integration is initially ready for iOS but Android users should see the update live on the Play Store very soon.

SOURCE: Spotify, Runkeeper


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