There are fitness apps that are used to just keep track of our activities, calorie intake, steps taken, etc. And then there are fitness apps that are more in depth than most, and give you much more details than just the simple tracking and recording. If you’re a serious (or even semi serious) runner, then RunKeeper is probably one of your go to apps. Their newest update brings not too many new features but it does have a refurbished design which might make you feel like you’re using a new app.

Version 6.0 of RunKeeper brings a “refreshed” brand and complete redesign that will supposedly make the app more “inclusive, welcoming, and fun”. This new look is an evolution of the material design that it has previously introduced in earlier versions, giving it a more dynamic and user-friendly interface. Gone are the tabs that you’ve gotten used to but which kind of cluttered the screen, and now you have slide-out menu where you can access all the features that the app has to offer.

RunKeeper doesn’t need a wearable to track your running stats but instead uses your smartphone (so obviously, you need to have your phone while you’re running), like the GPS feature to see where you’ve been running. You will also be able to see the pace that you’ve been running and the distance you’ve run so far, as well as the total distance that you’ve been that you’ve covered for all the runs that you’ve recorded on RunKeeper.

Aside from the redesign, there are no other changes indicated in the change log, although you can expect the usual bug fixes and improvements that come with every update. You can check if it has rolled out to your account already by visiting the Google Play page.