More Chromecast will be given away for free. Aside from the free Chromecast after the 10th tap with Android Pay Rewards promo, here is Spotify becoming more generous than ever. If you sign up for Spotify Premium for three months , you can get a free media streaming stick from Google. This promo has started yesterday and will end on the 28th of February. No question that this is a great deal because one month of Spotify Premium costs $9.99 while the Chromecast is $35. That’s pretty tempting and because of the free Chromecast, you can now justify your signing up for the premium music streaming service at least for three months for only $29.97.

Promo is available for Spotify Premium users in the United States and the UK. Both service and product are highly popular in these regions and their combination is deemed to be a success. Spotify supports both old and new versions of Chromecast. This deal actually follows the recent announcement that Spotify Premium users are now able to connect to Amazon Echo.

We’re still not sure if Spotify for Android will already include the video content update. As for the latest Chromecast, the Audio version was recently just updated with multi-room feature and hi-res support so expect high audio quality while listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify. It’s premium so no more of those annoying ads and interruptions.

Spotify on Chromecast

Visit Spotify for details on how to redeem the offer in the US and UK.

SOURCE: Spotify