We already posted a reminder once this week and in case you missed it we have tons of Spotify invites to giveaway. Spotify is the amazing new music streaming service that everyone has been talking about as of late. Check out our Spotify Android App Review. Originally the good folks at Spotify gave us 100 invites but now we are taking things a bit bigger.

Our sister site SlashGear has partnered with Spotify and we now have an official landing page over at www.spotify.com/us/SlashGear and everyone can get an invite thanks to SlashGear and Spotify. Make sure you thank Vincent over on Google+ and feel free to comment in this post. Our wonderful friend Deanna from Spotify set up the awesome landing page you see above just for us. So make sure to tell your friends or family and everyone else you feel like sharing with.

Spotify is currently available in the U.S. by invitation only, but SlashGear asked us to set aside some of the very first invites for friends. All you need to do is enter your email address in the box to get an invite.

It’s really simple just head here for the invite: www.spotify.com/us/slashgear/

That is it folks. Now wasn’t that easy? For all of our coverage of Spotify head over to our Spotify Portal. If you want to know everything about Spotify and not just about the Android side make sure you read SlashGear’s Spotify 101. Once again don’t forget to thank Vincent Nguyen at the via link below over on Google+.

[via +Vincent Nguyen]



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