We have an awesome new accessory for Android devices to tell you about today. A company called Spar has just announced three new Bluetooth speakers in a new line called Zephyr. They’ll be offering the Zephyr 550 (biggest of the bunch) with 30 hours of playback, the Zephyr 500 with 18 hours of playback, and the 300 offering 12 hours and all of this from a single charge. What makes these special you ask? The Zephyr will also charge your device via USB port when needed or while you’re on the go.

The Spar Zephyr looks very similar in both the size and shape to the popular Jawbone JAMBOX we reviewed at SlashGear. Also coming in a bit smaller than the recently reviewed Philips Fidelio Android dock but don’t let that fool you because Spar is claiming both “stunning acoustics” and “class-leading battery life”.

Basically rock out to all the music your heart desires and if you need to charge your Android phone, Galaxy Player, or even that iPod then all you need is a simple USB cord and the Spar Zephyr does the rest. The idea is actually quite excellent and I look forward to testing the sound quality, battery life, and the charging capabilities. The Zephyr 550 linked to above comes with the largest internal battery at 3,000 mAh, enough to play music for up to 30 hours of playback. Sadly that will only charge a portable device twice if your lucky. So while this sounds great, you wont be getting multiple charges here but the option to do so is quite convenient.

You can pre-order today starting at $99 at the source link below. The Zephyr should ship mid-December and hit retail locations come early next year. We’ll be sure and snag one for review if possible and bring you all the details. Enjoy the neat video provided below.

[via Spar]