Today Jawbone has released an update to the popular Bluetooth speaker system called the JAMBOX. Reviewed extensively over at our sister site SlashGear the JAMBOX brings great audio fidelity to your mobile devices, including Android. Connecting via Bluetooth this makes your Android enabled smartphone a full out audio experience and they’ve now updated the JAMBOX to version 2.1 bringing a few changes and sound improvements.

First off here is a quick look of the Jawbone JAMBOX thanks to our original review shown in the video below. This explains just how this awesome Bluetooth speaker set works, and what makes it so special. This version of the JAMBOX software adds functionality to two areas — Sound Clarity and LiveAudio.

Jawbone JAMBOX Explained
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Jawbone JAMBOX unboxing & demo:

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This may not be directly related to Android but for those that have used or heard the JAMBOX, they know how awesome it sounds and are probably excited to receive yet another update to make this product even better. If you head over to and hit download — this will sync your JAMBOX to and get the update rolling. The main two features being added here are Live Audio, and Sound Clarity. Both options that the user will be able to choose should he decide to tweak the audio bliss that comes from this device.

Sound Clarity will deliver you clearer distortion-free sound when LiveAudio is OFF, but requires you to change this option in MYTALK. You also have Live Audio, this will keep the overall sound limit lower and keeps the device from reaching extremely high audio levels and causing distortion. You can choose to use either of these settings, or none should the user prefer. Both of these options will remain OFF after completing the new update to JAMBOX version 2.1 and not interfere with current sound setup and options. For more details on the Bluetooth speaker solution the Jawbone JAMBOX you can click here, and again the details for the 2.1 update can be found at

Now go buy a JAMBOX so you can enjoy audio bliss anywhere you go with your Android smartphone.