Early April brought rumors of the Sony Xperia Z coming to T-Mobile. At the time the details seemed to be on the up and up. The were reportedly coming from a variety of sources and also included an in-the-wild style image of the handset. We haven’t heard much on the topic since, however as of today we now have that little bit of extra evidence.

This latest has arrived in the form of an FCC filing. The filing in question has the Xperia Z and it is showing support for T-Mobile LTE. Basically, combine those earlier reports with the details from this filing and it is beginning to look like all we need is an announcement from T-Mobile. The filing details support for pentaband HSPA+ as well as AWS LTE on band 4.

There was also a user manual, which is clearly aimed at the T-Mobile variant of the handset. The manual is carrier branded and showing as being for the C6606 Xperia Z. Aside from the T-Mobile branding on the front of the manual, the inside also has talk of carrier specific features such as Wi-Fi Calling.

Bottom line here, it is looking like the Sony Xperia Z will soon be available with the UNcarrier. Aside from a release date, the pricing would also be nice to see. And remember, with these new T-Mobile Simple Choice plans you will be paying an initial downpayment with another 24 monthly installments.

[via Engadget]