I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular racing game Reckless Racing by Pixelbite, but have you ever seen it played in real life? That answer should be a solid “No”, because XPERIA Studio has reproduced a Reckless Racing track for the first time. They’ve rigged an XPERIA Play and XPERIA S to control a couple of actual cars around a dirt racetrack. The creator of the game’s main challenge was trying “to create an interface that someone can actually drive the car with, in a similar manner to the way that they drive the game”.

They literally brought this game to life, and it worked out flawlessly. Sure, they managed to crash the cars into a few cones here and there, but overall it worked out extremely well. This was demonstrated on XPERIA phones exclusively, but it would undoubtedly work on many other Android devices. I’m sure the co-founder of Pixelbite, Martin Noriander, hadn’t a clue that this game would be taken to such a level.


So what games would you all like to see brought to life by an Android device? This is similar to Reckless Racing is great, but how about taking it to the air with AirAttack HD? Lets assume they’ve got an unlimited budget, as renting a couple of planes would cost a pretty penny.

[via Talk Android]