We have talked about all the other parts of the slow paced, but really cool teaser videos for the Sony S1 and S2 tablets. You can see part 1, 2, and 3 if you missed them. The video series is called Two will and they all have some interesting Rube Goldberg style machines that see all sorts of interesting things happening. My favorite parts are still when the ball bearings fly down and hit at the precise angle to fly over and activate another part of the machine.

The fourth installation is pretty much the same as the other three with a new machine to look at. Along the way, you get to see the tablets activated by various balls along the way. I like these commercials, but it would also be cool to see something that focused more on the features of the tablet than the machine that activates the tablet.

Sony also notes in the YouTube description of the fourth episode that the complete story will be shown in the fifth episode. That fifth episode is “coming soon” according to Sony. I have wondered if all of these videos tie together into one large machine. I guess we will find out before long. Check out the video below for yourself.