Sony’s teaser campaign for the S1 and S2 tablets continues, despite the slates having shown up in the wild on several occasions now. After parts one and two comes video three, sticking with the Rube Goldberg theme and now focusing on entertainment uses for the Android pair.

As well as audio and video, with the single-screen S1 shown playing back The Green Hornet as well as offering various music tracks, an ereader app is briefly demonstrated. The S2 is shown displaying two pages at once – doing a decent job of resembling a traditional book, in fact – and then there’s a brief glimpse of PlayStation gaming.

“To be continued” the teaser concludes, which certainly implies we have at least one more segment to go until Sony hopefully decides to tell us something concrete. Still up in the air are the tablets’ official names, their prices and their release dates, though recent rumors have suggested that the S1 at least will hit pre-order in September.

[via Twitter]


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