Sony Style Cover SCR24

After the Samsung S View Flip cover and the LG QuickCircle case, here comes Sony with the Style Cover SCR24 for the recently announced Xperia Z3. This is a special smartphone cover by the brand that features a smart window function for quick access to basic phone functions. No need to flip open the cover as the smart window can display some of the apps commonly used.

The Sony Style Cover SCR24 makes use of NFC and a magnetic sensor to select and determine the smart window apps and widgets you want to see. You can start the camera, read or message, or control music right on the smart window. The sensor determines if the case is open or closed, responding to whatever action is requested.


What’s so good about this particular smart cover for the latest Sony Android phone is that the case has access to all the major ports. The magnetic charging pins are accessible so no need to take the cover off completely when you need to charge the phone. This one is also ideal to use with the DK48 Magnetic Charging Dock so go ahead and dock the Xperia Z3 easily.

Sony Style Cover SCR24 will come in four different colors: Turquoise, Copper, White, and Black. Sony plans to bring the cover just in time for the Xperia Z3 release before end of September. Unfortunately, no word on pricing yet.

VIA: Xperia Blog