LG is doing its fair share of the teasing the G3, now with yet another accessory designed for the upcoming smartphone. The QuickCircle case, will not only be offering protection of the LG G3 but also quick access to crucial functions, without even having to open the cover.

If that sounds all too familiar, it’s because the QuickCircle is the next iteration of a type of case that LG first revealed in the QuickWindow case for the LG G2. Samsung would then later take the concept and extend it with the S-View case for the Galaxy Note 3, adding the ability to interact with a limited number of functions and notifications right from the visible part of the display. Going full circle, no pun intended, LG is taking back its territory and adding more features to the QuickCircle for the LG G3.

The most obvious change is that the “window” is now a circle, almost reminiscent of a Moto 360’s watch face. The borders of that circle light up whenever the case is closed or if a notification is received, which LG says will accentuate the round design of the view. Not to mention that it will probably look pretty. Available functionality has been expanded as well, letting users not only view messages or take calls but even send them as well, though it seems that making calls are limited to numbers in the call log. Of course, you can also take photos, control music playback, and even get a hold of pedometer or health stats. But even more than that, LG promises to make available an SDK that will let Android app developers create their own QuickCircle functions, implying that it will be customizable, unlike previous implementations from either LG or Samsung. The case also offers wireless charging options for those with Qi-compatible charging stations.

The LG QuickCircle case will come in five colors of Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint, and Indian Pink. No availability or price details have been given yet, but those more most likely to come when the case is formally announced together with the LG G3 next week.