Coming along with the GALAXY S4 announcement this evening, we also have word of accessories. Because really, what brand new flagship phone announcement would be complete without the accessories. And while we sort of say that in jest, Samsung did actually unveil some interesting products — two of which included the S View flip cover and the S Band.

Up first here is the S View flip cover. This is actually a pretty neat concept. The flip cover protects the display in the same manner the previous flip covers did, however this one has a see-through window towards the top that will allow you to see certain information. It will be able to show details such as time and battery life as well as call and/or messaging details.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 4.54.49 PM

Next up is the S Band, which should be good for those who are paying closer attention to their body. This sort of reminds us of another Fitbit or Nike Fuel Band competitor. The Samsung S Band features a pedometer which means it will be able to count your daily steps. The S Band will also keep track of calories. This will also tie in with a scale for weight and a heart rate monitor.

So far these accessories are looking decent. The S View flip cover is unique and certainly something that we are going to be checking out. The S Band comes as part of the overall S Health setup. The two items still missing at this point in time is when they will each be available and how much will we have to pay.