Earlier this morning the top-tier Sony Hayabusa leaked giving us additional details and even spotted on camera, and now we have one more. This leak though, shows us the low-end and is the previously revealed Sony ST21i Tapioca budget smartphone. It won’t be winning any design awards but might be a winner for your wallet.

The Tapioca and Hayabusa both should be released sometime in July if this leak is accurate, and now that both are starting to appear things could be right on time. The spec’s are reported to be pretty low-end just like previous reports for this Xperia. Coming with a 3.2-inch screen, an 800 MHz single-core processor and only 512MB of ram this will be for the budget crowd, that is for sure. At least it comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich though right?

Looking at the picture provided it surely has a bulky design and they are cutting some corners on design to probably make this as budget-friendly as possible. With the odd design it could also have a keyboard under the display, or as the leaked roadmap linked to above suggests — a Tapioca DS (dual-screen). Until we see more leaks we’ll have to wait and wonder, but we might be seeing a dual-screen budget phone from Sony in the coming weeks or months.

[via PocketNow]