The last we heard of the strangely-named Hayabusa, it was sitting on a Sony release list bound for July. At that time we didn’t know anything about the phone, other than the fact that it was one of the most expensive (and presumably most powerful) devices on Sony’s 2012 lineup. Now BriefMobile reports from unnamed sources in China that the phone is the LT29i, destined to become Sony’s next flagship. And if their specs are anything close to real, it’ll be a doozie.

First, the screen will be 4.55 inches, bigger than any Sony phone to date. Naturally it’ll feature the same 720p resolution as the Xperia S. It also packs a whopping 13-megapixel camera with high dynamic range video, A Snapdragon S4 processor with upgraded GPU, a larger than average 2200mAh battery, and crams it all into a case that’s just 7mm thin – impressive, since Sony’s phones haven’t been particularly svelte up to now. The phone is reportedly already running Ice Cream Sandwich.

All of this certainly seems possible. After all, the HTC One X has similar specifications in a slinky frame, and the Hayabusa would have had more time to overcome the engineering difficulties of a larger battery and more dense camera sensor. According to the leak, the phone is expected to have a June announcement and a July release date. The previous roadmap showed the Hayabusa with a price tag of €493, about $650.