Similar to what we saw Sony do with Ice Cream Sandwich, the company has recently released an alpha phase Jelly Bean ROM. At the moment the ROM is only available for one device, the Xperia T. We should also point out that this ROM comes with some serious limitations in terms of use and is truly aimed at the more advanced user.

That being said, as mentioned the ROM is available for the Xperia T. The limitations include some that are minor and some that are major. For example, on the minor side, this ROM does not have the final UI look and feel. Then again, for some that may be a perk. On the major side, this ROM will now allow you to make any calls. Sony is describing this release as having a limited set of working features and not being ready for ordinary everyday usage.

According to Sony, the limited set of features is due to them not having passed all the necessary approvals. Aside from not being able to make calls, some of the other “turned off or not yet working” features include the FM Radio, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This ROM is also missing the Google apps which means you are not going to have any of the Google goodies such as Gmail or the Play Store.

Bottom line here, if you are a developer with an Xperia T this may be an option to consider. If nothing else, you will likely be able to provide Sony some feedback and help speed things up in terms of a final release. Otherwise, while Sony has yet to say when a beta or final ROM release is expected, we can look at the timeline from last year. Looking back, Sony released an alpha ICS ROM in December 2011 and followed that up with a beta ICS ROM in February 2012.

[via Sony Mobile]