Sony may have established itself as the newest expert when it comes to waterproof devices ever since the advent of the Xperia Z series, but it still wants to push the aquatic boundaries even more. In their latest teaser before the start of the IFA 2014 in Berlin, they hinted that they may be going to a deeper level with the new devices that they will be announcing at their upcoming press event during the ubiquitous tech expo.

“We’ll be getting deep at #IFA2014. But how deep…?”, was the tweet that Sony sent out last August 31, with an underwater image in a swimming pool. The 2m and question mark text in the image may very well refer to the fact that the new devices they will be revealing may be immersed in 2 meters or more of water. The Xperia M2 Aqua, billed as having the “world’s highest level of waterproofing available in a smartphone” can only be dunked in 1.5-2 meters of freshwater for around 30 minutes, with its IP certification of IP68.

Now if indeed the new devices can go deeper than 2 meters, that would be a watery feat for the Japanese OEM. It can also boost the Sony Underwater apps, which they released last month and allows users of the Xperia Z1s or Xperia Z to enjoy underwater games with their devices. The apps will only work when the smartphone detects that it is underwater through the power of spectrograms.

The Sony event will be on September 4, in what promises to be another highly competitive exhibition of the latest gadgets that tech companies have to offer. So far Sony seems to have cornered the market in waterproof devices so let’s wait and see what they have to offer.

VIA: Xperia Blog