If it’s always been your dream to play with your smartphone while it is (or you are) submerged in water, then you better get yourself an Xperia Z1s or Xperia Z from T-Mobile. Sony has introduced 6 silly but fun underwater apps for when you are scuba-diving and have the urge to play games in the water or for when you just want to dunk your phone in the water then use it.

The Xperia phones are famous for their water-resistant features (although it is not exactly built for living underwater) and now they’ve also added the fact that the phone itself can detect when it’s underwater through spectrograms. And now the developers over at Sony have also added 6 underwater apps so you can do fun things while it’s wet.

Four of the apps are just for silly fun. Goldie is like a tamagochi, but the fish needs to be submerged in water to make it happy (and alive). Plantimal meanwhile is as it name says, a weird combination of plant and animal that grows when you “water” it and sends notifications when it has reached its peak and needs to be watered again. Sink Sunk is simply a submarine game for when you’re at the pool and bored out of your mind. Tiny Umbrella is for when you need for the top of your head to be protected from the rain by your smartphone (okay, it’s cute but come on).

The other two apps in the underwater suite may have a bit more purpose. If you and your friends are trapped in a storm or bored at the beach, you can do an instant karaoke session with the Rainy-Oke app. However it just has 10 songs right now and you may not be able to use it when you’re on dry land. Now if you miss the days of developing photos the old-school way, the Photo Lab app lets you submerge digital photos in water to apply a chemical bath or a filter and you can even tilt your phone just like you would an actual photo in an actual chemical bath.

The apps may seem silly or you wouldn’t really want your phone to get wet often, but come on, if you had the chance to play with your phone while either you or it is submerged, why not right? Unfortunately the apps are only available for the Xperia Z1s or Z and if you live in the US. But who knows it might expand to other Sony Xperia devices in other countries as well.


VIA: XperiaBlog