Sony is still in the business and we believe it will remain a significant part of the mobile industry by introducing major design innovations. It may not regain its high position but the company will sell a good number, thanks to its loyal fans. The OEM always comes up great phones although we don’t know how many percent is its current share in the Android market.

What makes Sony attractive is the fact that it still makes compact phones. We’ve been hearing about the G83XX and the G8441 as these models have started hitting several benchmarks as we noted just last week. This time around, we have live photos of the smartphones. These were leaked recently but the post has since been pulled out. This could also mean they are true and Sony may have asked the source to take down the photos.

The images show fingerprint sensor at the back unlike thr XZ Premium (US version) that had it disabled. The G8441 is believed to be the Xperia XZ1 Compact while the G83XX could be another compact variant.

The two phones captured in live photos are believed to run Android 8.0 already. By the time these devices are released in the market, we’re assuming Android O is already available. Let’s wait and see at the IFA in Berlin, Germany when Sony makes the official announcement.