This price is just about as good as it gets, folks, with a two-year contract attached, a device with the power to entertain and drive anti-productivity (or productivity if you hate awesome video games) all day long. This is the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY aka the PlayStation phone aka the original Android 2.3 Gingerbread hero phone, and you can have it basically for free! Go Amazon go!

First of all head back to our full review of this device as it exists on Verizon, the carrier that you’ll be working with if you’d like to get this one cent deal: Sony Ericsson PLAY Review [Verizon]. Next you’re going to want to look at our extended set of app reviews for the Xperia PLAY specifically, because we’ve been going down the line and the line looks great! See: Xperia PLAY Android App and Game Review Series.

Then let’s look at this deal. You’ll have to head to the Amazon listing in order to have your way with a one cent deal today, noting that you’ll also have to be paying for a Verizon data plan as you do so. This data plan will cost you at least $30 per month, then you’re also looking at a voice plan of at least $40 per month. Is it worth it?

Let your heart decide!