Ever since Sony announced that they would be having unlocked bootloaders I’m sure you have all been happily waiting for the new and exciting phones they have coming out to hit the shelves. The Xperia Play, and the Arc look sweet. Today I have some news for you, looks like the Xperia Arc has already been rooted.

As usual, we have no other than the amazing developers at the XDA forums to thank for this. This comes from the dev known as Bin4ry. He provides full instructions to completely get the job done, from unlocking the bootloader and then rooting. Then you can use the Arc to drive your car.

If you want to see more of this device you can see the Arc and Neo in action here by SlashGear, the hardware really does look great, and now with unlocked bootloaders and root there is only good things to come. Apparently there is also files included in this source thread to root the Neo also but I don’t think they are as far along on that. As always, use caution when doing anything this serious with your device.

[via XDA Forums]