You are walking through a scenic park in Florence, Italy, when suddenly, you see some birds flocking beautifully together in the plaza. You take your Android phone out, unlock it, open your camera, but it takes forever to do so. By the time you’re finally ready to take a picture, the birds have already flown away and the moment has been lost. A new app called Snapshot is promising that this situation will never happen again as it will remove a few of those steps necessary to opening your smartphone’s camera.

While most Android phones indeed have that camera icon on your locked screen, they don’t always work as quickly as you want them to. Snapshot claims that it is the fastest one out there and all you need to do is hold up your phone like you’re ready to take a picture in landscape mode, press the button that will turn on your screen and it will quickly launch your default camera app.

This is not a new type of app and in fact, it may have been inspired by one of the features of the Moto X, where with just a flick of the wrist, your camera app will open, ready to take a picture. The QuickCamera app also replicated this feature, this time available for all other Android phones. But what Snapshot claims is that it will not make you do “wrist breaking gestures” and also that the app will not drain your batteries as it has “almost zero battery consumption”.

There is a pro version available for $0.99 which gives you a few more options in terms of positioning your phone to activate the camera. But if you’re content with just having the landscape to activate the camera, then you can download the free version of Snapshot from the Google Play Store.