It’s been over a year since we were introduced to the SnapBridge. It’s an app developed by Nikon that lets you connect your camera to your smartphone. We included it on our list of ‘Top 5 Apps That Will Make Your Smartphone a More Powerful Tool‘ because we knew we had a winner in the SnapBridge. The helpful app has just gotten a slew of new features and improvements we know Nikon camera users will appreciate.

SnapBridge 2.0 can now be downloaded from the Play Store. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can start snapping away from your mobile device and access the photos right on your phone. For this version, Nikon took note of the feedback and suggestions of the previous SnapBridge users. If you’ve used the app before, you will notice it’s actually a total overhaul. The menu structure and screen design are new so expect to navigate the app in an easier and more intuitive way.

If you have a compatible DSLR or digital compact camera, download the new SnapBridge app and pair the phone with the cam immediately. Old users will notice that this one is more reliable and smoother to use in transferring images and videos.

Remote photography has been greatly improved and extended. You can enjoy full-scale photography from the app by allowing you to adjust main camera settings and applying them on the device. Instructions for pairing for the first time are shown on the app as this will benefit those who are using SnapBridge for the first time. Note that the app offers different instructions for each category of the camera. Switching between cams are also easier with the app especially if you have multiple cameras from Nikon.

The app promises faster operations, more stable connections, and lower power consumption, as well as, better flexibility with remote photography. Feel free to adjust the following settings if you wish: Exposure mode (P/S/A/M), Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, and White balance.

Download SnapBridge 2.0 from the Google Play Store