Gone are the days when after a photo shoot or photo walk, you had to wait until you had a laptop or computer to be able to transfer your files, edit them there, and then share to whomever you want on social media or through cloud services. You have a lot of help now through apps and accessories. If you own a Nikon camera, then you’ll be pleased to know that the app called SnapBridge lets you connect your cam to your smartphone through Bluetooth and back up the photos immediately.

After you’ve downloaded the app and paired your Nikon camera with your smartphone or tablet, then the new photos you took will be automatically downloaded to the app. If you want it to be uploaded to Nikon Image Space, the photo storage service offered by the OEM, then you need to have a Nikon ID of course (which is supposedly pretty easy to do). Not only will your photos be saved on your device, but you can also control your camera remotely as it will let you take, view and download photos.

So of course since your photos are already on your smartphone or tablet, then it becomes easier for you to immediately share and send selected photos to whomever you want. You can even add info or text to the photos once they’ve been uploaded so when you share them on social media or through email, it will be easier to identify them.

The app does have some limitations for now. It can of course only connect one camera at a time. There is no support for remote video recording and movies (except for avi files) can only be downloaded when you’re on a WiFi connection. If you can live with these, then go ahead and download the SnapBridge app from the Google Play Store.



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