A two-part video demo of the Skytone Alpha 680 netbook running the Android OS has been released.  The Alpha 680 is intended to be a budget netbook with a target price of $250; for that, though, you’ll at least get a touchscreen.

Unfortunately the touchscreen is pretty much the start and end of any decent specs, with the rest of the Alpha 680’s abilities being seriously underwhelming.  An ARM11 533MHz processor, 1GB of storage (4GB max) and just 128MB of RAM (256MB max) are disappointing even in netbook circles, hence Android running on the 680 pretty much as it does on a G1.

The videos also demonstrate the problem with putting what’s right now a mobile OS onto a larger device, without reworking to suit the bigger display.  The Skytone’s touchscreen may only be 7-inches, but Android still looks comically spread out. 



[via netbooknews.de]


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