Amazon Fire TV Silk Browser

Amazon’s Silk Browser has been around beginning year 2011. It has since developed from being a cloud-accelerated web browser for the Kindle Fire with better bookmarking, reading list, nav bar, new look, and improved controls. This time around, the Silk Browser is ready for the Amazon Fire TV. You read it right: the first and second generation models of the Amazon Fire TV, the 2nd version of Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the Amazon Fire TV Edition TV are getting the Silk.

All Amazon Fire TV device can now use the web browser. Just note that this browser has limits. Amazon warned you cannot download the images and other content straight from the browser. Web links are entered on the address bar which can be accessed initially from the search icon. Searching by voice is also possible by simply holding the Voice button.

The Silk Setting menu will be useful in making changes and customizing the browser. As with any other web browser, you can clear browser history and cookies and customize browsing experience. The Parental Controls will allow parents to restrict the children’s access to Silk browser by setting a PIN Protect or an Amazon Video PIN.

Advanced Settings can also be personalized. You can set your default search engine, setup Amazon Cloud, turn off cookies, enable or disable Javascript, block or unblock pop-ups, show different types of media files, and view storage space available.


SOURCE: Amazon