Along with the announcement this morning of the Kindle Fire, Amazon also had something else exciting to share with everyone. They’ve developed a brand new cloud-based accelerated browser specially for the Kindle Fire and future Amazon tablets — called Amazon Silk Browser. Essentially this is a browser that uses the many cloud based services and technology offered by Amazon and does all the dirty hard work and rendering for you, so users have blazing fast browser performance no matter what the situation. We have a few details and a video demo below.

The Silk browser consists of two things they are calling Amazon Split that basically makes it a two part browser. The image above is a good demonstration of how Split will be using Amazon’s EC2 super computer cluster loads, and then processing intense webpage images and code on Amazon cloud servers. This will free both the browser and the Kindle Fire’s resources to continue working on much simpler tasks, as well as seriously improve battery life.

Amazon Silk Demo

As you can see from the image and video above, Amazon’s servers will do the majority of the work and then pass the crunched and accelerated web page down to the end user. This is a similar approach as the Opera Mini or Opera Mobile has been doing, but I have a feeling Amazon’s implementation will be much better, not to mention they have a huge database of servers and cloud storage.

The Amazon Silk browser will also store cache and frequently visited sites right on the cloud and the EC2 servers. This means you’ll have virtually unlimited cache as well as be able to quickly load frequently visited sites like Android Community in the blink of an eye. Soon you’ll be able to get as much Android news from Android Community as quickly as possible thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Silk browser.

We’ll be sure to get our hands-on coverage video of the Silk browser up as soon as possible so stay tuned. For all the new information regarding Amazon feel free to check out our portal for the Kindle Fire.

Bonus Video: Kindle Fire Commercial