Most people we know use Spotify for music-streaming service. Some are content with the free version while others don’t mind paying a monthly premium. And since it’s one of the top streaming services today, Spotify wants to maintain its luster by making updates and adding new features. The latest from the Swedish developers is video content on the Android version of Spotify.

Admit it. That’s something you imagined to be since it’s such a breeze to search for songs, genres, and playlists on the app. Perhaps there are times that you wish a video would play without having to go to YouTube. Expect the updated Spotify to go live on the Play Store in the US before January ends. The update will also roll out in its native Sweden, Germany, and United Kingdom.

Last year, we learned that Spotify might offer premium-only content by early 2016. We’re not sure if the videos and podcasts from content providers like the BBC, Comedy Central, Maker Studios, Vice Media, and and ESPN will be charged but that’s likely to happen at launch. After months of beta testing and running videos on the app, Spotify is ready to deliver. Streaming may not be as fast or smooth but the feature is a welcome addition. More content are expected to be available as Spotify waits for more partners and content providers.

The idea is that Spotify would suggest related videos or contextually relevant content that one can easily click. Hopefully, this version of the app will be ready to accommodate all videos. The company noted that showing videos based on the genre or kind of music is effective. It’s easier to search for videos now but that means more possible distractions for people. The devs noted that possibility and are now thinking how to categorize video content.

Spotify is more of a music listening app. More people use it to listen to songs. Otherwise, the default app is YouTube where millions of videos are available. We’re not sure how many percentage of the 75 millions users are interested in videos on Spotify but we know there are people who’ve been wanting the said feature.

The video update will only be available for Android mobile devices. Nothing for the desktop or iOS version yet but you can expect some changes to arrive soon. Spotify could be a success but the industry is already saturated. Spotify could also make more money with video content but that should happen later.

At present, Spotify is partnering with more content sources including Condé Nast Entertainment, Turner’s Adult Swim, and TBS and Fusion. Curated video playlists will be provided soon for a better mobile experience.