Hoo boy wouldn’t you like to get your hands on a device named after a pile of islands? That’s what Sharp is banking on, and if our brief history with the Galapagos name is any indication, we’re in for a hit-or-miss ride. What this tablet COULD mean for us is a 7-inch tablet (though in the past we’ve also hear 5-inch and/or 10-inch, just to cover all the bases, and an Android with massively present user interface overlay. Big fat tablets from the East, what we desire!

You’ll also want to learn the following: the 10.8-inch version of this tablet rolled through the FCC earlier this year. You’ll be having a look now at the EB-W71LJ-H, which if you follow along with the names, the EB-W51GJ being the 5.5-inch model, you’ll see that a 7-incher is indeed on the way. All we know about this tablet thus far is that it’ll be connecting over 802.11b/g/n WiFi radio and that it is, indeed, on its way into America.

Now we’ve just got to decide if it’ll be any better than every other tablet we’ve gotten to see over the past few weeks and months – and wonder if it’ll feature Ice Cream Sandwich by the time it comes out, or if it’ll still be rocking Honeycomb. What it looks like from this angle is the Acer Iconia Tab A500, which, if you did not know, is a pretty sweet little ride of a tablet in itself. Believe that.

Check this device out going through the FCC. Thanks to everyone who shouted this out to us, especially Tyree who sent it in three times!