It’s really sad when this happens – a company who has made a lot of trouble for the people who initially supported their startup dreams now has the temerity to make audacious announcements about a product which was supposed to ship early Q2 of 2015. It’s Q1 of 2016, ladies and gentlemen, and number of V2 smartphones shipped by Saygus is still at “0”. But no worries, they say they have improved the smartphone to catch up with the times.

Saygus, through a press release in time for the Mobile World Congress, says that it has improved a number of things on the V2, namely, that from the IPX7 water and dust resistance rating, it has now become totally “washable”. Saygus says that it has also upgraded the phone to Android Marshmallow, dual SIM capability, and a USB Type C port.


This is all well and good, but the company has missed its opportunities (yes, plural) to deliver on promise upon promise of ship dates, and it has been one year hence – there is still no word on when the V2 will ship. The specs were pretty dope to look at in January 2015, as the V2 was dubbed as a “superphone”. With a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and a 21MP main shooter, the phone will still perform. But it totally looks ordinary now that the company has let a year pass and it still has not delivered one single unit.

If you’re one of the people who have not asked for a refund and are still holding on to the promise of actually owning and using a Saygus V2 smartphone – we feel for you. It starting to look more and more like a scam, the type that leaves a bad taste in the mouth and just tarnishes the reputation of online crowdfunding in general.

SOURCE: Saygus