If you were one of those who pre-ordered the Saygus V2 and have been eagerly awaiting the announcement that it’s finally shipping after numerous delays, well it’s best not to hold your breath. Their official Twitter account has announced that once again, they will not be able to ship out the new smartphone as scheduled, but guaranteed that their estimate of Q1 for 2016 is still on track. They haven’t given us much reason to trust their word given the many delays already, but let’s see if they keep it this time around.

In a series of tweets, the American start-up revealed that they were having problems with their manufacturing partners and they had a “vast difference in biz policy”. The second tweet was even more telling as they said, “It has been a great relief not having to count on the words from a partner who may or may not provide us with accurate details or updates.” But whatever happened or whoever that partner was, the bottomline is that there is another delay to the shipment.

So what’s special about the Saygus V2? It has high specs like a Qualcomm 2.5 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 801 processor, 464GB storage capacity (two microSD cards – 64GB + 400GB), 21MP OIS main camera, 13MP OIS front-facing camera and a 5-inch 1080p display screen. It also has PX7 waterproofing, 4K shooting capability, wireless HD beaming, and 3D audio experience courtesy of Harman Kardon.

Originally, after a successful IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaign and being a CES Innovation Award Honoree in 2015, they smartphone was to have shipped out in October, then they said November, and by December, the Saygus was silent. But now that they have made another announcement, let’s see if it will push through.

SOURCE: Saygus