If you’re the type who looks for better and more innovative from a mobile browser on your Android device, you might have come across the app Link Bubble at some point in time. This browsing app was designed to save you time when browsing and be the ultimate mobile browser. Alas, Brave Software is now calling time on the app, relegating it to open source and probably stopping development altogether.

The app was created by Chris Lacy, the same mind behind Action Launcher, and the idea was that if you come across a URL you might want to open and browse, Link Bubble opens it in the background while you continue doing whatever it was you’re doing. That was two years ago, before it was eventually acquired by Brave Software. Now, Brave is announcing that they have unpublished the app from the Play Store.

To be clear, Brave said that the app will be available as an open source resource – developers can build around it, customize it, and even install it if people want. The app will still be available via its Github page, if you want to use it. People who still have Link Bubble installed will continue to enjoy its features, and if at any point Brave decides to update it, people still using Link Bubble will still get the updates.

For now Brave Software is putting out a new browser product called Brave Browser that has its own ad blocking features, as well as highlighting the quick browsing features. It’s sadly not Link Bubble, but you may want to look at it.

SOURCE: Brave Software