Link Bubble is a brand new Android app, and does something we think you’ll like. When you open a link that redirects, Link Bubble will open it in the background while you continue working or browsing. It’s a multitasking marvel, and has some incredible social integration as well.

The links start loading while you’re still using an app, but they appear in the form of a chat head-esque bubble on the left side of the screen. Much like chat heads, you can move the bubble around as you like, docking it anywhere on the screen. Long pressing the bubble will give you the option to trash, share, or save it to Pocket.

If you choose to share it, you can do so via the same sharing options you enjoy with, say, Chrome. If you don’t use Pocket, you can change it to your favorite tool in the settings menu of the app — and it doesn’t even have to be a sharing tool. You can choose things like Google Drive, or even Translate. The front page of the app itself will also tell you just how much time Link Bubble has saved you. I only used it for a few minutes, and Link Bubble said it saved me 25.9 seconds.

Pages do load really quickly, and we like that those more robust pages just load in the background while we continue with our lives. Once a page has loaded, Link bubble will automatically open up. If you just want to keep it docked for reading later, just pull it to the side of the screen or single tap to re-dock it. Links don’t open fullscreen, though — that might be our single frustration, here.

Link Bubble is simple, but also a whole lot of ‘wow’. The app is free, and an upgrade to premium will cost you $4.99. For that fiver, you get the option to have more than one link open (it doesn’t bring up multiple bubbles on the side of the screen, it just notes how many are open), andthe ability to open links from any app on your device. Also, you’re supporting a Developer who made a pretty neat app that saves you a lot of time.


  1. I tried out link bubble but had a problem because a URL that links to another URL is not supported by the free or trial version. I had a hard time testing the app. I also wondered what browser link bubble uses. If it is the default browser my anti virus will handle the security. But if it is a link bubble browser I don’t have the same assurance. Can you comment on this?


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