APUS Browser for Android is lightweight, fast, and simple to use

From the same developers who brought the APUS Launcher to the Google Play Store last year, here's another useful app that offers a more efficient mobile app experience: APUS Browser. The APUS Browser is said to offer fast and easy browsing even if it's just a small and lightweight mobile browser. This is perhaps one of the best Android browsers today because it's very light and easy to use.

Adblock Plus mobile browser beta stops ads cold

Odds are that most of us are familiar with Adblock Plus, it’s the browser plug-in that will block all the ads we are inundated with as we try and surf the web. Adblock Plus has now announced that it is bringing that same ad blocking capability to mobile device users via what it claims is the first mobile browser designed from the ground up to block ads.

Google not doing extensions for mobile Chrome, if you were wondering

Just in case you were thinking it, Google wants to stop you right there. The answer is “no, they will not be enabling Chrome extensions for the browser’s mobile app”. This was the gist of the answer from a veritable Chrome insider as he went on one of reddit’s famous “AMA” (ask me anything) sessions. The mobile browser will remain extension-less for the foreseeable future.

Firefox 38: new UI, Lollipop support, Ruby annotation

The Mozilla Firefox browser continues to be one of the more popular options, whether it's the desktop or mobile versions. The newest update to the Android version brings a few changes, most of them visual, as well as a few minor but important features that will make browsing on your smartphone or tablet a little bit easier. And with a lot of websites now having optimized mobile versions (with some even making mobile a priority), it's crucial that browsers give users a better experience.

Opera for Android now going turbo, text-wrapping and tab-syncing

There are a certain number of users that would much rather use browsers other than the big 3 (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on their mobile devices for various reasons. One of the "lesser known" but also popular ones is Opera for Android. The latest update to the app is bringing you several improvements, including Opera Turbo, the ability to sync tabs across all the Opera browsers you're using, and text-wrapping those pesky websites that are still not optimized for mobile (seriously, what are you waiting for, websites?).

Lightning Browser updates to Material Design, new modes, block cookies

For mobile users, usually it comes down to choosing between Chrome, Firefox, Safari or your smartphone or tablet's native browser. But if you're the more digitally adventurous type, trying out other browsers can be fulfilling at times. One of those that has become a hit with a certain number of users is Lightning Browser, and the latest updates to the app may bring in more new users to its fold, with its Material Design, new reading modes/themes, and other new features.

Flynx app hits version 1.1.0

If you aren’t familiar with the Flynx app, it is designed to make it easier to read all the links from your favorite sites in one place. It can open links from places like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, and others.

Opera browser update: sync mobile and desktop

While most people use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (and hey, some are still loyal to Internet Explorer!) as their default browser for both mobile and desktop, there are also some out there that have a small but loyal following. Opera is one of those secondary apps which started out as a mobile alternative to the main browser powerhouses, but now has 300 million mobile users and 55 million desktop users. The latest update now gives you the ability to sync between devices.

Twitter testing out built-in browser in Android app

If you've been using a third-party app to read your Twitter timeline, the idea of browsers within the app itself is not something new. But if you're still loyal to the native Twitter app, then you're used to tweets with links redirecting to your device's default browser, and sometimes, it's kind of annoying. Well, now apparently, your favorite 140-character social network is testing out a built-in browser, and it's about time, really.
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