The idea that Samsung will be delaying the launch of the Galaxy S8 is nothing new. We’ve been expecting an April launch because we knew that the South Korean tech giant needs more time for development especially after the Note 7 fiasco. We were almost certain about the Q2 launch but someone mentioned that the S8 will be present at the Mobile World Congress. However, it won’t be made public because it won’t be finished in time for a big launch.

From April to February, Samsung was expected to make the official announcement although not in the same manner as before. We’re guessing it will just be a teaser and an announcement with nothing for hands-on demonstrations yet. Much has been said about the Galaxy S8 but now that the main results of the Note 7 investigations are out, there will be some adjustments in the part of SamsungĀ like delaying the launch further.

Samsung Mobile’s Chief Koh Dong-jin said they “will be working hard to regain consumer trust”. That is something the company definitely needs to do because some people have already turned away from the brand. In the recent press conference where the results were announced, Koh already confirmed that the next-gen Galaxy S8 would not be introduced at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona.

There will be no Galaxy S series unveiling next month but there was still no mention when it will be announced instead. We’re back to hoping for that April launch because we know Google will be rolling out the new Android O around that time or in the following month.

Samsung needs to ensure that the battery is problem-free. It may not be perfect but at least there will be no report of overheating or explosion. We know Samsung has set safety measures as response to the reported unfortunate incidents of phones catching fire. You see, the battery suppliers may be at fault but Samsung also failed to identify those issues.

The tech company still has a lot of work to do when it comes to the Note 7 battery problem. The issue is far from over but at least we know the main cause. We’ve been saying it’s the battery but it’s now final and official. We hope Samsung already learns from this.

VIA: Reuters